The journey from Central Europe to Brist with your own car.


The journey from Central Europe to Brist (near Gradac) is now, after the completion of the highway, 12 to 15 hours, and from Prague is approximately 1150 km long. If you start driving in on Friday afternoon, you will avoid traffic jams in Vienna and any traffic from the Adriatic Sea. If you decide to drive in the morning, then you will avoid coastal traffic in Croatia.  The fastest journey is to cross Slovenia on the highway. If you want to avoid the high taxes, you'll need to bypass the highway along county roads (appx 60km). Instructions on how to go around the highway is here

From Slovenia to Zagreb you will drive on Highway.
The other possibility is to go through Slovakia and Hungary to Croatia.
Your drive to Zagreb, the highway will take you around the city of Zagreb towards Split and even further to Dubrovnik/Makarska.
You can get off the highway on the exit to Makarska through St. Ilija tunnel in the Mountain Biokovo above the Makarska.
Or, for a faster way, go further to the end of the highway and exit the highway at the exit called Ploče and than you drive back on Adria Magistrale to Gradac and than to Brist.


You can go on the border of Austria, and from Vienna to Slovenia on the highway to Graz and Slovenia (A2).


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Or you can take the shortest route from Linz to Graz. From Graz then further on the border of Slovenia and Maribor.


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Or from Hungary to Croatia directly, you can avoid the payment of fees for the Slovenian motorway.


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